Q: What motivates you / What is FLUIDFLUID about?

: I ask beautiful women to try to seduce me, and then I capture these moments in images. I seek unexpected, thrilling, or spectacular situations. I am a voyeur creating a vast tangible catalog of encounters.

: Are all the models of age?

: Yes, genius. All the women shown here are over 18 years old and have signed a model release. I have the paperwork.

: What is an Original Instax Wide Picture?

A: An Instax Wide Picture is a unique and genuine instant photograph captured using Fujifilm's analog camera. Measuring 8.5cm x 10.8cm (3.4" x 4.3"), each image is a one-of-a-kind item, ensuring you own an exclusive piece of captured beauty.

Q: How should I display and care for my Original Instax Wide Picture?

A: You have versatile display options! Showcase its allure in a dedicated frame, safely store it in a discreet box, or boldly pin it on your wall. However, caution against direct sunlight is advised, as it may affect colors and contrast over time.

Q: Can I request a specific model or theme?

A: Absolutely! You have the freedom to choose. If there's a particular model you have in mind, just get in touch. I'll reach out to the selected models for photoshoots, and you'll have priority on the Instax pictures made.

Q: How can I get signed pictures?

A: Just ask! Let me know you'd like your Instax Wide Picture signed during checkout, and I'll make it happen.